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Gjallarhorn Viking Jewelry Necklace

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Let your "yelling horn" speak for you! The historie of this ancient Norse instrument goes back to at least 5th century Denmark. 

Image result for viking emoji Gjallarhorn is associated with the god Heimdallr, who kept watch for the coming of Ragnarök.  So much more than jewelry, it's a true conversation piece!  In the Sagas, we are told the Gjallarhorns were used as trumpets to foretell the coming of Ragnarok.

And of course, horns were also used as koppar (cups) back in Viking times.

We all remember those used by our favourite TV Vikings, who would raise them in the air while yelling "SKAL!"

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Silver plated alloy on 58cm rope chain.  
Measures 3 x 2 x .04 cm / 1.18" x .79" x .016.


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