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We want your shopping experience at ScandiShop to be a fantastic one … We love our customers!

Your Purchase indicates consent to the information, terms and conditions outlined in this FAQ.

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 Email Us:  Sales@ScandiShop.Online or contact us via the form at end of page 

PROBLEMS? PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY even if it's a small issue, so we can resolve it immediately. We will contact you promptly if delays arise. If your item was late or not perfect, tell us. Your customer feedback helps us ... We reward customers who advise of issues!

Российские клиенты: Да, мы счастливо отправляем в Россию! См. Ниже.


General Questions

What currency is displayed? Our prices are set in Australian Dollars (AUD) and displayed in USD, British, Euro and Russian currency. You can quickly convert prices to other currency at  XE: http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/ . In time, we will add worldwide currency conversion. 

Is Shipping Really Free? Yes, "FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE" applies to almost every product in store for orders over $50 USD.  Under $50 is a small surcharge of $8 to cover 14-20 days shipping worldwide. Please Note We use an international shipping partner and have no control over customs or weather delays (etc).  

How long does Free Shipping take?  Generally 21 days to most parts of the world including Australia.  Faster Shipping is usually 14 days. We have tested these shipping times.

I see different discounts across the store, how do I keep up with what  is on offer? You can hear about our news, discounts and secret codes by signing up for an Account. You will be automatically added to our mailing list. 

Do you accept phone orders? Yes. We will direct you to obtain a Customer ID on this website, and then  manually place the order for you. It's very easy!

Can I check the status of my order?  Yes, after 24 hours you can login to your account to track your order. But you probably won’t need to. We email you immediately after order, when your parcel is shipped and (if you have selected Faster Shipping), when it arrives in your city.

Can I cancel my order? Sorry, we cannot refund for change of mind or mistake. We usually process orders within a few hours and then arrange international shipping, so please choose your products with care.  If you have a different reason for cancelling, contact us immediately and if there's time, we'll try to help you. 

Can I change my order?   We usually process orders within a few hours, so please choose your products with care. If you have selected the wrong size or colour, contact us ASAP. We will try to fix before the order is sent to our shipping partner.

What is your refunds policy? If you're not happy for any reason, let us know. We will happily refund damaged or non delivered goods sent by Faster Shipping. We are reasonable and consider individual circumstances. Just contact us! 365 days of the year!

 My item is late. If it’s due in 21 days and it's day 22, please be patient, there may be  weather or customs delay.  We send an email at every stage of shipping. If your country is outside of the standard delivery time, we will have notified you after order. Certain countries have a longer delivery time, e.g. Argentina and some African states.    We cannot guarantee when an order will definitely arrive. All shipping or transit times offered to you by  ScandiShop.Online are an estimate for when the parcel arrives in your country. We encourage you to order several weeks ahead if you require an item by a certain date.

My item is damaged. Send a photo and we’ll resend. We want you to be a happy customer! Please be patient, it will take a couple weeks.

 My item hasn't arrived. We have tested our 14-20 day delivery and most items arrive on day 17. Please allow for weather or customs delays. We usually send an email at every stage of shipping. Contact us if it's day 22 and you have still not seen your item. We'll look into it for you.

Can I order several of one item? We offer discounts for multiple purchases. If you wish to order for a group, a special occasion or a club etc – just drop us a line and we’ll organise! We do offer discounts for multiple buys of certain products, eg. Viking jewelry, buy 2 items get 5% off.  (Our security filters ensure only legitimate card holders can purchase multiple items).

How do I order a birthday gift on time? We recommend ordering 4-6 weeks ahead. If you're really not sure, contact us and we'll calculate the delivery date for you. We can arrange faster shipping options – just drop us a line and we'll determine what's best for you! 

How can I contact you?   Email Us:  Sales@ScandiShop.Online or telephone / text us. 

We welcome any questions!


 Российские клиенты. Мы знаем о последних задержках в таможенных вопросах. Мы выбираем надежных продуктов и поставщиков, которые регулярно отправляются в Россию в течение 2/3 недель. Мы также просим наших поставщиков упаковать для более быстрого таможенного оформления. Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами, если вам требуется конкретный продукт до определенной даты, или вы предпочитаете курьерскую службу. Мы сделаем все возможное! Спасибо!


SHIPPING detailed information

We usually ship your product within 48 hours or within 2 business days for orders received on Saturday, Sunday or any Australian major holiday. All items in this store generally arrive within 14-20 days in most parts of the world.

We offer three shipping and processing options on most items. (More options coming soon). Please note delivery times indicate when it usually arrives in your country.  We cannot predict weather or customs delays. We can use your preferred courier service. Current shipping options:

  1. Free Shipping (generally) for orders over $50. This shipping is not tracked: we can tell you when it has been shipped but the parcel is not tracked at each point. It is generally very reliable; during testing, items arrived in Australia (for example) on day 21. We will advise you of alternate delivery times when processing your order for shipping.  A few very distant countries in South America or Africa have a longer delivery time. We will contact distant customers to select the most appropriate shipping method.
  1. Standard Shipping for orders under $50, a small surcharge of $8 USD. During testing, items arrived in Australia (for example) on day 15.

        *** IMPORTANT - ABOUT FREE SHIPPING***   Please note   We have no control over delays with customs, weather and third party shipping partners. We have tested delivery and goods generally arrive on time. We cannot take responsibility for delayed, lost or stolen orders under Free Shipping. We are reasonable in most  circumstances — do contact us and we'll strive resolve the issue for you.

 Can you ship orders to a PO Box? Yes, if it is your verified address and registered with your bank / PayPal etc. Please note our ordering system automatically cancels transactions with different shipping address and billing address. This is done to protect our customers.

Alternative Payments (Other than Credit Card or PayPal)  We accept electronic bank payments directly to our Australian bank account. Please allow up to 5 working days for clearance of funds before we profess order. (If product is no longer available, we will refund you). A $25 fee applies if your payment does not fully clear  and / or causes any additional costs at bank to be borne by us.

 Email Us:  Sales@ScandiShop.Online



Why is there a low price on the front of my parcel? Please don’t be concerned. It is simply the required customs declaration for your parcel, so you receive your parcel ASAP. Parcels without a customs declaration and nominated value are sometimes delayed for weeks.

Will I be charged import duty on my parcel? We do our best to ensure you do not pay excessive import duty on low value items. If you are charged customs duty, please let us know (send a photo of the documentation) so we can review our shipping process for customers.

 Australian customers are taxed 10% GST at checkout. The rest of the world is not charged tax at checkout. Duties or tariffs are set by your country's customs authorities. We do not collect or pay tax on your behalf.

If you are billed customs/ import duty, please let us know. We are always striving to improve our shipping process for customers and want to be aware of these issues.

 Email Us:  Sales@ScandiShop.Online



 *** PLEASE USE YOUR VERIFIED BILLING ADDRESS: We deliver only to the verified address, to protect customers from potentially fraudulent card transactions. Transactions with alternate addresses are automatically flagged and delayed, for your protection. If you wish to have an item delivered elsewhere (e.g. as a gift), please contact us first to avoid having your transaction delayed: email sales@scandishop.online

ORDER ACCEPTANCE ScandiShop.Online reserves the right at any time to accept or decline your order for any reason or to supply less than the quantity you ordered of any item. If an item is unavailable or we can't process or accept your order, we will contact you immediately.

Payments Accepted We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and PayPal. If you prefer to pay via another method that is not listed, please contact us. There is no surcharge applied to your order, only the designated price and applicable shipping cost (if you have selected Faster Shipping). Your credit card is billed when you place the order. It may take a few days to appear on your statements.

Your Contact Information  Please provide your official billing address and telephone number (i.e. the one your bank has on file for you).  We will contact you by email or text in the first instance. Incorrect information will cause a delay in processing your order, so please provide an email address or phone number you check often.

CANCELLATIONS  We usually process and ship promptly. Please select your items with care. It is generally not possible to cancel your order.

Multiple Product Orders We attempt to ship all products contained in your order together. They may not all arrive on the same day.  Products that are unavailable at time of shipping will be shipped when they become available. We will notify you if this occurs.

LARGE ORDERS: We use inbuilt filters to limit purchase bulk orders, for your protection. If you require several quantities of an item (e.g. hand flags or badges for a national holiday), please contact us to arrange the order. We can also offer a club, company, non-profit or similar discount. 

 Was your item late?  Let Us Know. Sometimes an item is delayed due to customs, winter weather or other factors. Thank you for understanding.  We will strive to track it for you, just ask!  Let us know if it arrived late even if you only ordered a small item.  Please note multiples of a single item usually arrive separately.

Stock Availability  It is rare for stock to be unavailable. If the product you have ordered is out of stock, we will advise and offer you a choice:  send when next available, or provide a refund or credit note.

Email Us:  Sales@ScandiShop.Online



All transactions are processed through a fraud gateway, to protect your financial security. As with most financial organisations, purchasing patterns that frequently request refunds or chargebacks are logged and filtered - this is done for your protection. See "Chargebacks" further below.

REFUND POLICY  We refund for reasonable customers and situations but not for change of mind or if you have ordered the wrong item.  We will refund or replace damaged or unusable items. Please contact us immediately with a photograph. If your item has not arrived after the general time frame for your country, we will check with our shipping supplier. Please understand customs and weather can cause delays.

Refunds (Where Applicable and Agreed) We usually refund within 24 hours for reasonable issues. It's much quicker to just ask us directly than seek remedy elsewhere which can take up to 45 days. We will try to resolve your issue within 48 hours.

Replacement If your item arrived damaged we can replace, but please be patient and wait for your replacement item to arrive. We will provide an estimated delivery date. At all times we will stay in touch and keep you informed.

  Email Us:  Sales@ScandiShop.Online


PRODUCT LIABILITY WAIVER -  We do not manufacture the products sold in this store and are a reseller only. Therefore, we warrant, offer and accept no liability for Manufacturer Defect, Design defect, force majeure or a failure to warn (e.g. missing product label). Acknowledgement of this proviso is a condition of your orders.  Please exercise common sense and due care when opening, using or repackaging these products. If you purchase for children, please consider if the child is sensible or how they will use the item; especially consider their personal safety. This advice particularly applies to items that can be dislodged with excessive or unusual handling e.g. eating stickers, tugging toy arms or placing objects in mouth that may cause plastic or jointed parts to become loose, or expose filling or stuffing. 

Email Us:  Sales@ScandiShop.Online


CHARGEBACKS - Please Contact Us before you contact your bank.   

LET US KNOW If you encounter any problems, even a small one - contact us first so we can resolve your issue. Your email comes straight to our devices and we will respond within 24 hours or within 3 days if you contact us over a weekend. It's much quicker to just ask us directly than seek remedy elsewhere, so just drop us a line!

Please understand we strive to protect our customers from potential fraud and to keep product prices low.  We use inbuilt software to verify credit card purchases, frequent disputers, billing addresses and to limit bulk purchases. These safeguards exist for customer protection.

We ask you to contact us first about any issues; we will be more reasonable and consider your situation. We will strive to resolve your issue within 48 hours; elsewhere can take up to 45 days and the dispute is noted on your financial record.

Thank You for understanding!

Email Us:  Sales@ScandiShop.Online



All transactions are processed through a fraud gateway, to protect your financial security. As with most financial organisations, purchasing patterns that frequently request refunds or chargebacks are logged and filtered - this is done for your protection.

When I submit credit card information online, is it secure?  Yes, we are assured by our ecommerce portal that your data is safe. We use a world renowned ecommerce portal, Shopify, that automatically applies SSL encryption and authentication tools to protect your credit card information. You can see the padlock in the top of the browser address bar.

We do not see or store your financial data. We see only your name, that you have paid and the address where your order should be shipped. However, we cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any information you transmit to or from our website, and you do so at your own risk. To safeguard your information after any financial transaction, we recommend you sign out of your account and close your browser window, especially if you're sharing a computer with someone else or in a public place. (We shop online, too!)

Will ScandiShop.Online sell or rent my information to other companies? We will never sell your information. We will not purposely pass on your information to another party except by where required by law, as part of the shipping process or for technical exceptions.  You can also read our Privacy Policy which is provided by our ecommerce provider, Shopify.

Why do  you ask to sign up with our email? We encourage you to sign up and register an account on the store, for quicker ordering and to calculate your ScandiPoints customer rewards. We send you news about specials and your custom discounts. We don’t share your  information for commercial purposes.

Software  This site may contains inbuilt software operated by third parties (e.g. popups, shipping parties) partnered through our ecommerce portal, Shopify.  You acknowledge that ScandiShop is not responsible for the operation of or content not created by us or located on or through our website or third party software. Most of this software access storefront information only. All parties associated with this store strive to respect and protect privacy as much as possible. Please review the Privacy policy for more information.

 Email Us:  Sales@ScandiShop.Online


Thank You To All Of Our Loyal And Understanding Customers! Tussen Takk!  SCANDISHOP.online


We are Australian Business Number registered and have spent a great deal of time and research creating this legitimate storefront. We are currently in the process of adopting several customised business operations to present a better storefront for you. You can email  sales@ScandiShop.Online, your message is delivered directly to our devices. We will  strive to respond to all emails within 24 hours and resolve issues within 48 hours.

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