Aber Bergen ~ Nordic Noir Legal TV drama

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Bergen, one of the rainiest cities on earth, has recently released Season 3 of its fast paced, funny, fascinating legal drama.

The Aber Bergen legal team comprises sardonic and sassy veteran and industry famous criminal advocate Erik, who probably would have preferred to be a ski instructor, his estranged wife aka civil ice queen Elea who pulls no punches with corrupt police or her wayward teenager, visually impaired and very funny constitutional expert Magnus, aloof and judgmental business spinster Diana (played to perfection by a much younger and usually glamorous Line Verndal) and junior associate lawyer Unn Frøynes. Collectively they cleverly navigate shadowy political and legal forces influencing clients and cases.

The mood is woven through the series: Life at the top end of town is a dangerous game. Think on your feet. Keep moving. Don't waste time looking in the rear view mirror.  It's a show for grownups, with storylines around group sex, teenagers smoking too much pot, gangsters, disability, love in the workplace and more.









As with almost all Scandinavian dramas, Aber Bergen is meticulously edited. No, you can't put the kettle on. You'll just have to wait. The fast pace, clever lines and plot intrigue are sufficient to keep your interest.  After watching Season One, you will never look at a man dressed head to toe in Zegna the same way again. Who knows what lurks beneath the expensive threads?



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Legally trained readers will spot the various little 'in jokes' scattered throughout the show. If you can spot some of them, leave a comment below. We noticed  there were more eagles than office staff in most of of the first season, as if the firm ran itself LOL. Then near the end of season there were suddenly people running all over the previously empty offices with stacks of files!  









For the legal eagles ... In one scene, junior lawyer Unn uses a highlighter on legal documents. What is the industry preferred color? We'll send a prize to the first person to post the answer below! 
For the rest of you! Name the fashion label set in Bergen that has taken the world by storm over the last year, run by two quirky personalities. First one to name it below also receives a prize!   


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