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Aber Bergen ~ Legal TV drama

Aber Bergen ~ Legal TV drama

 Life at the top end of town is a dangerous game. Think on your feet. Keep moving. Don't waste time looking in the rear view mirror.  It's a grown up show, with storylines around group sex, teenagers smoking too much pot, gangsters, disability, love in the workplace and more.
QUIZ: What's Your Kaffe Name?

QUIZ: What's Your Kaffe Name?

You can be anyone when you order your daily kaffe ...    WHY NOT BE A VIKING?  Which strong name should you be using?  Our very favourite show, V...
Musikk Review: A-Ha: 2017 MTV Unplugged - Summer Solstice

Musikk Review: A-Ha: 2017 MTV Unplugged - Summer Solstice

"Jazz and classical influences transform intense tunes and guitar thumpers into radically and beautifully different musical forms. In Short: You'll Love It."

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